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Looking to import a car from Singapore to Trinidad? We are the Singapore leading car exporter. 1 Auto is the perfect choice for you to buy your car from our website. Shipping is done instantly once payment is received. 1 Auto has the state of the art vehicle buying platform for your vehicle. All we need is for you to provide your shipping address and mobile number. Regardless of brands like Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Mitsubishi, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Subaru, Lexus, Citroen, Peugeot, Isuzu, Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Volvo, Infiniti, Nissan.

About importing Singapore cars to Trinidad

1 Auto provides instant same day quotation for your car freight in the website. On top of that, submitting your information on our website is super easy. We provide the ability to enquire on the car you are interested in at the conveniences of your home, or anywhere in world. Searching for a Singapore car dealer exporter can be daunting, and that is why we have you covered. Get your cars delivered to Trinidad quickly! We can provide quotation to anywhere in Trinidad in super quick time, and Trinidad is a lot more special as our presence in everywhere in the world. We are the most efficient and reputable dealer in car exports in Singapore to Trinidad specializing in the all car make and models.

Factors to consider before buying your car to Trinidad


The amount of price on your next car maybe cheaper than you expect. We offer competitive models to match your budget and to make your money well spent. Price by importing yourself allows you to buy a better brand or model at the same price of the resale car in Trinidad. Therefore do set a budget for yourself and 1 Auto will help you match the best available car to suit your needs.

Freight Cost

Freight cost is a part of the import price. Buying a car can be a hassle if you deal with other exporters. At 1 Auto we will sort out all the logistic complexities for you. Without the correct knowledge, you might encounter difficulties and double trips resulting in precious effort. Worse still monetary loss when you spend more to correct the mistake made. 1 Auto works with many ship carriers and will always provide the most competitive rate to Trinidad.

Lead time

Shipping a car with other exporters might result in late delivery. Buying an import you need to factor in the time required for the exporter to ship your car. Some exporters may delay your shipment due to unforeseen circumstances. 1 Auto ships weekly and we believe in using the shortest delivery time to fulfill our orders. Usually vessel departure to Trinidad will be on weekly basis from out port hub in Singapore.

Shipping Insurance

1 Auto believes in insurance coverage for your orders. Therefore we encourage all buyers to add on the 1 Auto coverage to insure your car at the lowest possible insurance cost to you. We deal with most marine cargo underwriters hence we will provide the most extensive yet affordable coverage for your car. Feel free to speak to our staff on your Trinidad shipping insurance package

Why you should purchase from 1 Auto?

  • 100% digital and we believe in having our customers buying our cars online at ease
  • 100% delivery protection. If you do not receive your vehicle, we make a full refund
  • We ship out on the earliest possible dates
  • We provide tracking status for your orders
  • We provide in land transit services
  • We provide bonded warehousing for your import clearance
  • We work with reputable local agents to assist your destination needs
  • We believe our customers are our highest priority
  • We are available online everyday
  • We can help you buy the required cars if unavailable in our stocks
  • We believe in building long term relationship with our customers

We sell all cars of any make and model in right hand drive. As long as the car is available in Singapore, we can ship it to Trinidad.

How are cars transported:

Singapore cars to Trinidad will be shipped via RORO vessels. There are weekly schedules from Singapore and lead time will be around 3-5 weeks depending on connecting ports routing. The cars from Singapore to Trinidad will arrive via Port of Spain Port. Shipping cars in RORO vessels will greatly reduce damage that might arise from container stuffing and un stuffing.

Year Restriction for imported cars:

The current import regulation for Trinidad allows to import any vehicle that is a RHD (Right Hand Drive):
– Newer than 2 years for petrol engine (private vehicles).
– Newer than 2 years for diesel engine (private vehicles).
– Newer than 7 years for diesel commercial vehicles.
– Newer than 10 years for buses and trucks (commercial vehicles).
* Trinidad import regulation, it is subject to changes. It is highly recommended the buyer to reconfirm our information before ordering any vehicle from us.

Documents required for import:

Every mandatory document will be sent by DHL Express, which includes:

  •  Original Bill of Lading (BL)
  •  Singapore Certificate of Deregistration
  •  Pro forma or Final Invoice

Driver side:

Right hand driven cars are allowed for Trinidad car imports.

Non Mandatory Inspection Before Boarding:

Cars shipped from Singapore to Trinidad are do not require inspection before shipment.

Clearing Agents:

We have appointed clearing agents for our customers if they are unfamiliar with their import procedures and from Singapore to Trinidad.

Payment terms:

Full payment to Singapore office before shipment.

Preshipment quality checks:

All Singapore cars to Trinidad are subject to our inhouse pre shipment quality checks. We have highly qualified inhouse inspectors for a 120 points check before shipment. We will correct all faults unknown during sales before we ship to control the quality of the cars. However if there are pre existing known faults made known before sales it will be kept as it is as agreed.


Our clearing agents in Trinidad can help provide door step delivery service after registration. Speak to our sales for the value added services.

Speak to our friendly staffs at 1 Auto for your import requirements to Trinidad.

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