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Car Exports are whereby self propelled cars are being delivered to another country to be registered or used in. Cars that are registered in Singapore have a life span of 10 years from the date of the registration. Therefore usually cars are exported once they reached the 10 year mark or even before depending on the prevailing country’s car tax rebate. As Singapore is a small country with well maintained roads, most cars are in relatively good grade for exports.

History of Singapore Car Exports

Car exports from Singapore used to be a small industry in the past back in the year 1970s. The used car export boom was noticed in 1990. It was when there was a huge overseas demand for used cars worldwide suddenly. Singapore car exports started to surge ever since. The Singapore supply today has expanded to become one of the global biggest car exporting countries after Japan. As of now, car exports are of New and Used cars. Due to the nature of Singapore being a trade hub and has a tax free port for trans shipment. New cars re-route to another country by entering the bonded warehouses for re exportation to other countries without incurring import tax charge.

Types of Exports

Cars are exported via 2 major ways. 1 is via air for those super cars where they are loaded into aircrafts and shipped directly to Changi Airport located in Singapore. Another way is by Sea where either cars are shipped in containers or RORO. Via containers the cars are loaded in numbers of 3-6 units per container or 17-25 in cut versions for spare parts. Which RORO are shipped individually where cars are driven into car carrier vessels and driven out at destination ports.

Car exports from Singapore require some form of export experience as different overseas market require different models, grades and different import regulations like manufacture year restriction. Differing countries have different transit ports and also different import tax structures.

How are cars checked

When cars are sold, it is usually assessed by exporters. They usually check the chassis for any accident history, engine and gearbox for any irregularity, electronic components for any faults as well as test driven to check if it is road worthy before purchase. Checks and quality control varies from company to company therefore we suggest that you make some research before your next purchase.

Cars that are of good condition are usually refurbished by correcting the exterior paintwork of the car, repaired for any electronics or mechanical fault and given a nice cleaning of the interior and engine bay. After all these, it will be exported to the customer to be received in drivable condition at destination.

Cars that have lower grade in interior and exterior condition will be usually stripped into parts or cut into halves where mainly engine and gearboxes, electronic control modules, headlights are sold as used spare parts overseas.

We recommend you to consult and purchase from the experienced exporters to avoid costly mistakes in imports. There are instances where the cars are fully paid and have been compounded by customs due to breach in regulations.

How are the cars shipped from Singapore

Cars exported from Singapore are shipped via 2 main methods.

  1. Ocean Freight Container : Cars are loaded within 20 footer or 40 footer containers depending on order size and specific requirements of the buyer. There are certain sea ports that have container specific allowances thus feel free to contact our sales team for the latest and most up to date information. A 40 footer is able to house 5 small sedans to minimise freight costs to your destination.
  2. RORO shipment: Cars are being driven onto RORO vessels (Cars and trucks sea vessels) and driven out when it reaches destination. This type of shipment minimises container damages to the cars that may arise during loading and unloading of within containers.

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Feel free to speak to our sales team for more queries.

If you have any Singapore car export requirements, feel free to contact us.

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